About Bing for business Private Preview

About Bing for business Private Preview

About the Bing for business Private Preview

Bing for business Private Preview is a simple and secure way to find the information you need when you're working. Whether you’re looking for people, files, org charts, or internal web sites, Bing for business brings it all together in a fast and familiar search experience.

Use Bing for business to find:

  • Bookmarks that link to your organization's various tools and resources
  • Info about co-workers and other people within your organization
  • Details about Outlook Groups within your organization, including owners and members
  • Files stored on SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

You can only see information from, or about, your organization when you're signed in to Bing with your work or school account. Typically, this is the same account that you use to sign in to Office 365 applications such as Outlook on the web (OWA) or SharePoint. Also, Bing for business will only return information and SharePoint or OneDrive for Business files that you have permission to see. You may have permission because you created the files or information, they've been shared with you or with a larger group that includes you, or they're stored in folders or locations that you have permission to access.

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