Keep track of what you find

Keep track of what you find

Use places to save map locations so you can quickly and easily get to them again.

Use My places to save map information so you can quickly access it any time. Sign in to Bing Maps with your Microsoft account, and then do the following:

  • To add a pin, right-click on the map to add a pushpin. You can add up to 200 places.
  • To change a pin, select your pushpin to move, edit, or delete it.
  • To create a list of your places, in the My places editor, click My places, click New list, and then add information about your list and save it.
  • To share places, email a link to a list of places or export them.
  • To import information, click My places, click Import, paste a URL or browse to the location of a GeoRSS, GPX, KML, or KMZ file, and then choose if you want to create a new list or add it to an existing one.

    You can't import photos or other data to a list if you use Safari.

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