What information is included when I import from AdWords?

What information is included when I import from AdWords?

See what gets imported from AdWords to Microsoft Bing Ads Editor v11.

Imports from Google AdWords to Microsoft Bing Ads Editor include the following:

  • Campaigns
  • Ad groups
  • Keywords
  • Negative keywords
  • Ads
  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Radius targets
  • Location targets such as
    • Country/Region
    • State/Province
    • City
    • Postal code (U.S. only)

After the import, be sure to review your campaigns and ensure that targeting, bids, and all other data is configured as you expect, as you may not see a warning about unnimported data. Then, make any needed changes within Bing Ads Editor.

At this time, when you import from Google AdWords or the Google API, the campaign setting "Targeting method" cannot be imported.

Product Ads expando image

In Bing Ads Editor, if you want to display Product Ads, they must be explicitly defined. However, in AdWords, you do not always specifically create Product Ads. In order to help ensure that Product Ads served in AdWords continue to work in Bing Ads Editor, Bing Ads Editor will create a default Product Ad for you.

A default Product Ad will be created in your imported ad group if:

  • The ad group has at least one product target, and
  • The ad group does not have any Product Ads.

This default Product Ad will not have any promotional text.

Product Extensions expando image

Further, AdWords does not include Product Extensions as part of the file Bing Ads Editor uses to import your campaigns. Product Extensions from AdWords are also not available via the API. Therefore if you import Product Ads from AdWords, Bing Ads Editor will create a default "All Products" Product Extension for you. A Product Extension will be created in your imported campaign if:

  • The campaign has an ad group with at least one Product Target, and
  • The campaign does not have a Product Extension.

If you select a store as part of your import options, the store ID will be associated with this default Product Extension.

utm_source Parameter expando image

If your AdWords campaign uses the utm_source parameter and that parameter value is Google, Adwords, or any variant of those (such as googleshopping or AdwordsIndia), the value will be replaced by bing. This will prevent your imported campaigns from reporting incorrect source information.

For example, http://www.example.com/?utm_source=google will be imported as http://www.example.com/?utm_source=bing.

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