Getting started with Microsoft Bing Ads Editor

Getting started with Microsoft Bing Ads Editor

Learn the three basic steps that you will do in Microsoft Bing Ads Editor v11 every time to sign in - download, update and then post campaign data.

Getting started with Microsoft Bing Ads Editor is as easy as 1-2-3. After you install, in the Start menu, look for Microsoft Bing Ads Editor. Then, every time you sign in, you'll complete three basic steps: download (get) your account data from Bing Ads, make changes to your campaigns in Bing Ads Editor, and then upload (post) your changes back to Bing Ads.

Get your accounts from Bing Adsexpando image

Your first step is to get campaign data from Bing Ads web. When you launch Bing Ads Editor for the first time, you’ll enter your user name and password. Then choose which campaigns to get. For agencies with lots of accounts, you can choose to get only specific ones. Keep in mind that if you have lots of accounts, it can sometimes take several minutes to get your data.

Whenever you want to get your current campaign data from Bing Ads, you must use the Get Changes button in the ribbon. You can then make your changes and then Post back up to Bing Ads. This is a cycle that you’ll go through every time you sign in to Bing Ads Editor: get your accounts, make changes to your campaigns, and then post them when you’re done.

Manage your campaignsexpando image

Get campaign data. You can either create new campaigns, or import existing campaigns from Yahoo or Google AdWords with minimal overhead.

  • To create new campaigns, on the Manager pane, click Add campaign or Make multiple changes. For each campaign, you’ll need to go to the Manage tab and do the same thing for ad groups, ads, and keywords.
  • To import a campaign, first get campaign data into a .CSV file. If you’re using Google AdWords, for example, export your AdWords campaigns into a spreadsheet and save the file on your computer. On the ribbon, click Import, and then choose the type of data you want to import. Bing Ads Editor will walk you through a wizard to finish importing the data.

Make changes to one item, or many. Do you have campaigns that only run seasonally? Do you need to add new keywords to keep up with the latest viral video? Bing Ads Editor has lots of tools to make managing your campaigns a snap. You can:

  • Use the left panel to navigate through your campaigns or drill down to ad groups.
  • Select multiple items to update them all at once, or each one individually. Make changes to selected items by updating the fields in the Editor pane.
  • Use filtering to quickly find what you want to update. Just type what you’re looking for in the search box in the upper right of the Bing Ads Editor window, and we’ll narrow the list of items to show just the ones that include your search terms.

Update your bids. To keep your ads relevant and showing on the first page of search results, you’ll need to update your bids. Use the Bid Estimation tool to research first page bids for thousands of keywords at a time. Review bids individually, or opt to apply them all with the click of a button.

  • In list view from the left panel, select Keywords and targeting and then Keywords. Select the keywords you want to get bids for. Click Estimate bid to research best position, main line, and first page bids for your keywords.
  • Click Apply est. bid for first page to choose the type of bid to apply to your keywords.
    Note: Based on Microsoft research, we recommend a bid of at least $0.30 USD for all keywords. Even though the minimum bid is only $0.05, keywords with bids this low usually can’t compete with bids from other advertisers on the same keywords, and as a result, your ads won’t show.
Post your account changesexpando image

Once you’re done updating your campaigns, it is important to post your account changes to apply them. Your new campaigns, keywords, and bids, will start running immediately. Don’t forget to double-check your language and location settings, as these can affect where we show your ads. You should post your changes at the end of every session in Bing Ads Editor.

To update your account, click Post. And that’s it! You’re on your way to being an Bing Ads Editor power user.

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