How content ads work

How content ads work

Content ads display in Windows apps that have content related to your product or service.

After June 30, 2017, Bing Ads will stop serving ads on the content network. Learn more

Bing Ads content ads give search advertisers a way to easily extend their reach to potential customers viewing Windows apps. Content ads are text ads displayed next to relevant, high-quality Windows Phone apps.

Bing Ads analyzes the content of an app and matches relevant, keyword-targeted ads to display in it. For example, if someone is using an app related to fashion, Bing Ads could show advertisements for dresses or shoes. The result: relevant ads displayed to the right users.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can look forward to with content ads:

  • Efficiency – Extend your search campaigns to the wider Windows audience, easily. Plus, use advanced targeting and exclusion to customize your ad placements.
  • Intelligence – Detailed reports help you to optimize your content ads campaigns based on actual performance data, driving increased return on your advertising spend.

Content ads are available only in the US.

Distribute as you choose

In Bing Ads, you can select whether to have your ads distributed on search pages, content-network apps, or both. To learn how to set ad distribution, see About ad distribution.


If you are a non-US customer and you previously had content ad groups, you will still be able to edit these ad groups. These ad groups will be automatically turned into search ad groups (for search + content ad groups) and paused search ad groups (for content ad groups). Users with site placements in their content ad groups will need to add keywords when the ad group is migrated to a search ad group.

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