Where does Bing Ads show your ads?

Where does Bing Ads show your ads?

Find out which countries and regions Bing Ads is currently available in.

When you advertise using Bing Ads, your search ads can appear on the search results page on websites throughout the world. These sites can include Bing, AOL, and Yahoo owned and operated sites as well as Bing, AOL, and Yahoo syndicated search partner sites. (Syndicated search partner sites are sites that use Bing and Yahoo search results.) For more information, see About ad distribution.

Bing publishes search ads on domains that show content relevant to specific countries/regions in a specific language. The following table shows those countries/regions, the Bing domain, and the ad language you need to use in order for your ad to display on those domains.

Country/region Bing domain Supported ad language(s)
Argentina Bing.com/?cc=ar Spanish
Australia Bing.com/?cc=au English
Austria Bing.com/?cc=at German
Belgium Bing.com/?cc=be Dutch, French
Brazil  Bing.com/?cc=br  Portuguese 
Canada  Bing.com/?cc=ca  English, French
Chile  Bing.com/?cc=cl  Spanish 
China  Bing.com/?cc=cn  Traditional Chinese 
Colombia  Bing.com/?cc=co  Spanish 
Denmark  Bing.com/?cc=dk  Danish 
Finland  Bing.com/?cc=fi  Finnish 
France  Bing.com/?cc=fr  French 
Germany  Bing.com/?cc=de  German 
Hong Kong  Bing.com/?cc=hk  Traditional Chinese 
India  Bing.com/?cc=in  English 
Indonesia  Bing.com/?cc=id  English 
Ireland  Bing.com/?cc=ie  English 
Italy  Bing.com/?cc=it  Italian 
Malaysia  Bing.com/?cc=my  English 
Mexico  Bing.com/?cc=mx  Spanish 
Netherlands  Bing.com/?cc=nl  Dutch 
New Zealand  Bing.com/?cc=nz  English 
Norway  Bing.com/?cc=no  Norwegian 
Peru  Bing.com/?cc=pe  Spanish 
Philippines  Bing.com/?cc=ph  English 
Singapore  Bing.com/?cc=sg  English 
Spain  Bing.com/?cc=es  Spanish 
Sweden Bing.com/?cc=se Swedish
Switzerland  Bing.com/?cc=ch  German 
Taiwan  Bing.com/?cc=tw  Traditional Chinese 
Thailand  Bing.com/?cc=th  English 
United Kingdom  Bing.com/?cc=gb  English 
United States  Bing.com  English 
Venuzuela  Bing.com/?cc=ve  Spanish 
Vietnam  Bing.com/?cc=vn  English 

Keep in mind ...

  • This list is only for Bing and does not include AOL, Yahoo, or any syndicated search partner sites, which also publish search ads. 
  • The list indicates which ads are shown on various Bing domains based on the ad language. For example, an ad in French can show up on Bing's France, Belgium, and Canada domains. For more information, see How does ad language and location targeting affect who can see my ads?

Does my business need to be in one of these countries/regions to advertise with Bing Ads?

Your business does not need to be in one of the countries/regions listed above to advertise with Bing Ads. For example, if you have a business in Morocco and want to advertise in Europe, sign up for a Bing Ads account (choosing Morocco as your "business location") and use ad language and targeting options to make sure that the right people are seeing your ads. 

Don't see the country/region and the ad language you are looking for?

Let us know on the Bing Ads Feature Suggestions Forum, and we'll keep everyone posted as we roll out Bing Ads to new markets.

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