What are ad extensions?

What are ad extensions?

Ad extensions (Location Extension, Call Extension, Sitelink Extension, Product Extension, App Extension, and Image Extension) enrich your ads with website links, an address, a phone number, a link to your app, or an image.

Ad extensions are additional pieces of information about your business, like a phone number or a link to a specific page on your website, you can add to your ads. Ad extensions are free to add to your ads, with the usual charges for any clicks you get. Including ad extensions can improve the visibility of your ads, which can lead to more clicks and improve your ROI. Ad extensions currently available from Bing Ads include: Location Extension, Call Extension, Sitelink Extension, Product Extension, App Extension, and Image Extension.

Location Extension

When you enable a Location Extension, you can choose to show the address of your business location that is closest to the customer and also include a local phone number. Better yet, if the customer is viewing your ad on a smartphone, they can click that number to give you a call.

Location Extensions

A particularly powerful feature of Location Extensions is that the address shown to the customer is typically the business location that is closest to them. If you have multiple business locations set up for your campaign, Bing Ads will display the address and phone number for the location that is closest to the customer. The radius for the location display is about 50 miles. If you don't have a business location entered that is within 50 miles of the customer, no location will be shown in your ad.

Locations that you create apply to all of your campaigns within a particular Customer ID. Also note that you enable Location Extensions at the campaign level and they get applied to all ad groups and ads in the campaign.

For more information, watch the video Include your address and phone number in ads using Location Extensions (English only).

Call Extension

You typically use Location Extensions to provide an address and local phone number associated with a local location. Using a Call Extension, you can provide a phone number that is not associated with a particular location, but is appropriate for all locations where your ads display.

Call Extensions

Call Extensions have the added benefit of allowing you to designate your ads as call only ads. When you select call only ads, website links in your ads are not clickable from a smartphone. Instead, your phone number is the only link that a user can click. Clicking on the phone number link will initiate a call to that number and you will be charged up to your bid amount (just as if the user had clicked on a website link).

With Call Extensions, you have two options: You can use your own phone number or use a Bing Ads forwarding phone number. When using a forwarding number, we assign a unique phone number that displays in your ad. When a customer calls this number, the call is routed to your business phone number. Our forwarding number allows you to track all calls from this ad, no matter where the call was made from, so that you can analyze the ad performance.

Call Extensions can be used together with Location Extensions. When these two features are used at the same time, the phone numbers displayed and the availability of click-to-call depend on the device where the ad is being viewed. To understand what to expect when using these features together, see What happens when I use both Call and Location Extensions?.

To learn how to enable these extensions, see How do I add a clickable phone number to my ad? and this (English only) video.

Call Extensions are available in the United States and United Kingdom on all devices. In all other Bing Ads markets, Call Extensions are available on smartphones only.

Sitelink Extension

Sitelink Extensions are additional links in your ads that take customers to specific pages on your website. This allows you to promote certain products, services, or sections of your website and take potential customers to exactly the information they were searching for. This can increase both click-through-rate and conversions.

Sitelink Extensions

To learn how to enable a Sitelink Extension, take a look at How to enable, edit, or delete Sitelink Extensions below your ad text. For each campaign, you can enter up to 10 Sitelinks. By default, the Sitelinks are set at the campaign level, however, you can also set Sitelinks at the ad group level. Specifying Sitelinks at the ad group level will override the Sitelinks associated with the campaign.

In Austria, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland, Sitelink Extensions are available only on the Bing network. Note also that the ability to designate Sitelink Extensions at the ad group level is not yet available for all customers. If you don't see this option yet, don't worry. It's coming soon!

When displaying an ad, Bing Ads determines which links are most relevant to the ad being displayed and includes those with your ad. However, you can influence which links are included. Links that you enter at the top of your list receive higher priority than those lower in the list.

Bing Ads will only show Sitelink Extensions in the mainline and only for high quality ads and campaigns. Therefore, make sure to add Sitelink Extensions to your highest performing campaigns. It might take some time for new campaigns to start showing Sitelinks Extensions due to time required to build a history and quality score for the campaign.

Product Extension

Bing Shopping Campaigns will soon be replacing product ad campaigns. Learn more about the transition and schedule here.

Product Extensions are the link between your Product Ad campaign and your Bing Merchant Center store catalog. Bing Ads uses the Product Extension to include details from your catalog in your Product Ads.

Product Extensions are created at the campaign level and only used with Product Ads, not text ads. You can use a single Product Extension for multiple campaigns, but you cannot have a campaign linked to multiple Product Extensions.

Image Extension

Add visual elements to your ad with Image Extensions. Providing visual elements to your ads helps them stand out and also gives customers a better idea of what to expect when they click your ad.

You can add an Image Extension to your ad at no extra charge - you only pay when your Image Extension link is clicked.

To learn more, see How do I add an Image Extension?.

App Extension

Add an App Extension to your ad to promote your apps across PCs, tablets, and smartphones from your ad. Promoting app installs in your ad increases downloads and usage of your apps, in addition to website visits.

App Extension

Unlike Sitelink Extensions, an App Extension will automatically detect a customer's device and operating system and take them directly to the correct app store. To learn more, see What are App Extensions and how do I add them to my ad?.

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