What's new in Bing Ads?

What's new in Bing Ads?

Check out the new and enhanced features in Bing Ads designed to help you connect with your target customers, boost campaign performance, and improve your ROI.
JUNE 2016

Bing Ads Editor for Mac beta now available!

The Bing Ads Editor for Mac beta is finally here! If you’re using a Mac, you’ll be able to have the same great experience as the updated Bing Ads Editor v11. Here are a couple of features you should take advantage of right away:

  • Support for managing multiple accounts: You can work on multiple accounts at the same time without having to wait for a task you’re performing in one account to complete. Simultaneously sync campaigns, start a campaign import, and perform local bulk edits faster.
  • Copy and paste across multiple accounts: Copy and paste keywords, ads, even whole campaigns, from one account to another easily.

So, how do you sign up for the beta? We’re currently accepting sign-ups for the US-English version. You’ll be asked to fill out a short survey regarding your account and then you’ll then be added to the queue. Once you have been selected for the beta, you’ll receive an email invitation to download Bing Ads Editor for Mac. Get started with Bing Ads Editor for Mac by signing up for the beta today!

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Bing Ads for Android Bing Ads for iOS

Updates to Bing Ads for iOS and Android: Edit text ads and manage ad disapprovals

Managing your campaigns on the go is easier than ever with the latest updates to the Bing Ads mobile apps! You can now:

  • Make changes to your existing text ads’ title, description, display, destination URL, and device preference directly from your app, in real time.
  • View editorial disapprovals and perform inline editorial appeals for existing ads.
  • Receive push notifications for ad disapprovals.

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MAY 2016

Segment your data in Bing Ads


Have you ever wondered how your campaigns are performing by device, time, network, or ad position? Currently, you need to go to the Reports page to get this data and manually create a pivot. With the new segmentation feature, you'll be able to split your rows and get deeper insights, right in the Campaigns page. Slice your campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and ad extensions data by various attributes, including:

  • Time: Day, week, month, quarter, year, or day of the week
  • Network
  • Device
  • Top vs. Other

Start using segmentation by clicking the Segment button above the table, and selecting an attribute you would like to apply to your data. Segmentation will also be available when you download your data from the table.

For more details, check out this blog post as well as this help article.

Copy and paste ads and keywords

You have some great ads and keywords. Ever wish you could just copy and paste them from one ad group or campaign to another, instead of starting from scratch? Now you can!

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