Combine similar bills into a single invoice (consolidated billing)

Combine similar bills into a single invoice (consolidated billing)

Do you have multiple invoiced accounts? Did you know that you can combine all invoices that have the same currency into a single invoice. Read this article to find out how this works.

If you have more than one invoiced account and want to consolidate your monthly bill into a single invoice, then you might want to check out consolidated billing. With consolidated billing, similar invoices will be combined into a single invoice, making it faster and simpler for you to review your billing across your accounts. But don't think that streamlining your paperwork means that you won't have access to the data you need. The billing details for each of your accounts are always available in Bing Ads on the Billing tab.

Some things to know about consolidated billing

  • Consolidated billing is only an option for customers who receive monthly invoices.
  • Monthly invoices eligible for consolidation must share the same characteristics, such as the same Bing Ads Customer ID, currency, language, and SAP ID.
  • Only users with Super Admin permissions can sign up for consolidated billing.
  • You can't select specific accounts for consolidated billing. Consolidated billing applies to all of your accounts or none of them.

How to turn on consolidated billing

  1. Click the gear icon gear icon, and then click Settings.
  2. Click Billing settings in the left pane. (If it's closed, you can open the pane by clicking the arrow.)
  3. Next to Consolidated billing, click Combine similar bills into a single monthly invoice.
  4. Click Save when you're done.

Your consolidated bill will arrive in your next billing period.

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