What will my ad look like?

What will my ad look like?

Learn about the ad preview you see when you create text ads.

When you create your ad, Bing Ads shows you a preview of what your ad will look like for Top (or "mainline"), Side, and Mobile ad positions on Bing search results pages. This could change depending on how Bing formats your ads. Bing does experiment with ad formats to provide the best ad experience possible to customers.

Standard text ads expando image

In the ad preview, you’ll notice that the Top and Mobile ad previews automatically add either the first sentence of your ad text or the display URL to your ad title. If the first sentence of your ad text meets the below criteria, it will be added to your ad title, making it a "long ad title."

  • Ends in a period, exclamation point, or question mark
  • Is followed by a space
  • Does not exceed 63 characters when combined with your ad title

If your ad title does not meet the requirements above, Bing automatically adds the display URL (without any URL extensions) to your ad title.


If you prefer not to use long ad titles in your ads due to branding or other reasons, you can opt out by contacting support.

Expanded Text Ads expando image

Expanded Text Ads are like standard text ads, but with additional content to make your ads more eye-catching and helpful:

  • An additional, secondary title that appears after the first title.
  • One or two paths that appear with your display URL. The display URL and paths allow you to have a shorter or "friendlier" version of your final URL, while giving customers an idea of where in your website they will go when they click your ad.

When you create an Expanded Text Ad, experiment with your ad titles and paths and see how it looks in the ad previews. To learn more, see our Expanded Text Ads FAQ.

To learn more about ad position, see What is "ad position"?

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