Ad Rotation explained

Ad Rotation explained

An explanation on how you can use the ad rotation setting to choose which of your ads are displayed.

Ad rotation is the way Bing Ads delivers your ads. If you have multiple ads within an ad group, your ads will rotate because no more than one ad from your account can show at a time. Use the ad rotation setting (found on the Settings tab when an ad group is selected) to set how often you'd like the ads in your ad group to show in relation to one another.

You have two options:

  • Optimize for Clicks - Will predominantly show ads that have the highest click-through rate (CTR).
  • Rotate Ads More Evenly - Will rotate between your ads on an equal basis. That is, each ad in a particular ad group has an equal chance of being displayed in response to a searcher's query.

Why use Rotate Ads More Evenly?

There are two situations where you typically would want to use Rotate Ads More Evenly:

  • Optimizing for conversions instead of CTR - Sometimes the ads that get the highest CTR are not the ads that get the highest conversions. Using Rotate Ads More Evenly, you can help ensure that ads with a higher CTR don't unintentionally get precedence over ads with a higher conversion rate.
  • Testing new ads - If you want to test new ad copy, using Rotate Ads More Evenly can help ensure that those new ads get an opportunity to be displayed, even if you have other ads within the same ad group that have an established and higher CTR performance history.

Ad rotation does not apply to Product Ads.

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