What is an ad?

What is an ad?

An ad is an individual online advertisement. See an example, and learn about the character limits of each ad part and the basics of ad cost.

An ad is an individual online advertisement displayed to a potential customer. You'll often see ads referred to in the context of an ad group or a campaign. An ad group contains one or more ads and keywords, while a campaign contains one or more ad groups.

Here's an example of a Bing Ads ad:

An example of an Expanded Text Ad.

This ad consists of four parts:

Ad part and character limit Example (see above)
Ad title (60 characters — two 30-character title parts separated by a hyphen) Flowers for any occasion - Delivered right to your door!
Ad text (71 characters) Sustainably grown flowers on sale and ready to ship within 4 hours.
Display URL (Domain and subdomain automatically generated from your final URL, plus two customizable URL paths.) www.contoso.com/Seattle/Flowers
Final URL (2,048 characters) www.contoso.com/Floral/SeaWa/default.aspx
  • The combined ad title and ad text must be at least three words long.
  • These character limits include spaces and any default dynamic text. Learn more about dynamic text
  • If your final URL includes "http://", these characters do not count against the character limit. However, if it includes "https://", these characters do count against the character limit.

Cost per click

The actual cost per click of your ad is largely based on the following:

  • Your bid on a keyword or placement. Your keyword or placement bid is the maximum amount you can be charged when your ad is clicked. Learn more about bidding in Set your campaign budget and bid amounts.
  • Incremental bids to target customers by time of day, gender, or other targeting criteria. When one or more of your target criteria is met and your ad is clicked, you also pay the amount of your corresponding incremental bids. Thus incremental bids can increase the cost of your default and custom bids. Learn about targeting and incremental bids in How to target my customers by adjusting my bids.

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