How is Bing Ads different from AdWords?

How is Bing Ads different from AdWords?

Learn about differences such as ad location, budgeting options, ad text, and negative keywords to understand what impact these differences can have when you import.

If you're already a Google user, you'll find that you're already familiar the PPC campaign structure used in Bing Ads, as well as many of the key features and tools used to create and manage your PPC campaign. In fact, you can easily import much of your Google campaign directly into Bing Ads (for directions on how to do this, take a look at How to import a campaign from AdWords or other programs).

Whether you choose to import your campaigns or create them from scratch, there are a few differences between Bing Ads and Google that you should know about. Here's a short list of things to be aware of as you get started.

  • Ad location: This is the most fundamental difference everyone should understand: You use Bing Ads to advertise on Bing, Yahoo, and their syndicated search partners. AdWords is used for advertising on Google and its partners.
  • Budgeting options: Both platforms offer users the ability to limit your campaign spend on a daily basis. In Bing Ads, a monthly budget is also an option. Some Bing Ads customers choose to set their budget at a monthly rate. Also be aware that Bing Ads has different minimums for budgets and bids.

    For more information about budgeting and your budget options, take a look at What are my budget options?
  • Ad text: Google uses two description lines for ad copy, while Bing Ads uses one that has a longer, 71 character, limit. Not that big of a deal, right? Maybe not, but take some time to make sure. Even if you import ads from one platform to another successfully, take time to look over those ads. One line can simply have a different feel and convey a different message. Make sure your ad copy is written well and sounds right in both formats.

    Here's an example of an ad using the Bing Ads single description line:

    Ad example

  • Negative keywords: Bing Ads does not use broad match negative keywords. If you have set up broad match negative keywords in Google, those will be treated as phrase match negative keywords when importing to Bing Ads.
  • Targeting options: Targeting options, including, but not limited to, location targeting and time of day targeting, are significantly different in each platform. You most definitely will want to review your targeting settings in each platform. The settings used in one product will very likely not be appropriate for the other product.
  • Quality score: The means of determining your quality score, and how it is used in determining the performance of your keywords and ads is different between the products. As you examine your quality score in one product and determine ways to optimize, realize those same optimization strategies might not be applicable in the other product.

    To learn more about the Bing Ads quality score, take a look at What is the quality score.

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