Importing your campaigns: Requirements

Importing your campaigns: Requirements

Requirements for importing your campaigns using an import file, removing duplicate keywords, and character limits for imported data.

When you import your campaigns, you should keep these requirements in mind:

  • If you are using an import file (as opposed to importing directly from Google AdWords), your import file must be a Excel or CSV (comma-separated values) file. You can download the import file template here.
  • If you are using an import file, your import file must be closed before you try to import it.
  • Your web browser must be set to allow pop-up windows. For more information, see the help documentation for your web browser.
  • If you are using an import file, the data must be in the correct order. If you download information from Google AdWords or another online advertising program, copy the information into the template, save it, and then import the saved file.
  • Remove duplicate keywords in the import file—for example, "Apple" and "apple" will appear as duplicates.
  • Remove keywords that are not allowed—for example, "gambling" and "firearms."
  • The data you import must not exceed the following character limits:
    Ad title
    25 characters
    Ad text

    71 characters

    If you use keywords as dynamic text, make sure that they do not exceed 71 characters. If you have two lines of ad text, each line can be a maximum of 35 characters. Bing Ads puts these two lines together with a space in between, thus reaching the maximum of 71 characters.

    Display URL
    35 characters
    Destination URL
    1,022 characters
    Keyword or phrase
    100 characters
    Ad groups

    50 ads, including text, mobile, or product

    20,000 keywords (and product targets combined)

    20,000 negative keywords


    15 users

    6 accounts

    50,000,000 keywords


    10,000 campaigns

    5,000,000 keywords (and product targets combined)

    5,000,000 negative keywords

    20 negative keyword lists (max. 5,000 keywords per list)

    150,000 Ad Extensions


    20,000 ad groups

    10,000 negative keywords

    5,000 shared negative keywords

    100 IP exclusions

    1 Call Extension

    10 Sitelink Extensions

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