View impression and cost estimates before changing your bid

View impression and cost estimates before changing your bid

Thinking about changing your bids but worried about what it might do to your impressions or cost? Or maybe you want more clicks, but are not sure how much you need to increase your bid to make that happen. Bid landscape can help.

Before changing your bid, you’ll want to know the impact that change will have on your impressions and costs. Lowering your bid might leave you with too few impressions. Raising your bid might cost you more than you want to spend.

To help estimate the affect a bid change will have on your campaign, Bing Ads has Bid landscape. Bid landscape provides a range of bids for a keyword, along with the estimated impressions and clicks those bids might bring for that keyword. If you see a bid that gives the performance you’re looking for, you can then change your bid within Bid landscape.

Bid Landscape

View Bid landscape

Bid landscape is only available if there is sufficient impression and click data for your keywords. If there is data available, a small graph will appear next to each of your bids on the Keywords or Ad groups tabs. To view the Bid landscape estimates:

  1. On the Keywords or Ad groups tab, click on the graph icon next to the current bid you want to review.
  2. To change your bid, select an option from the Bid column or enter an amount in Other bid and click Save.
At the ad group level, you can choose to change all of your keyword bids or you can update only your ad group bid and leave your individual keyword bids unchanged.

  • Bid landscape data might differ slightly from what you will see in other places in Bing Ads, such as in custom-generated reports. This difference can be caused by a number of factors, such as different time ranges or if the keyword is also used for the content network (bid landscape is relevant to the search network only).
  • Bid landscape estimates do not guarantee future results.

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