How does the account time zone impact data?

How does the account time zone impact data?

Learn about your account, campaign and reports time zone and how they impact data.

When you create your Bing Ads account, you set your account time zone. Most people select the time zone of their business location.

Where do I find the time zone?

After you've created a Bing Ads account, you can find your time zone on the Accounts & Billing page > Accounts tab. To learn more, see The Billing tab in depth.

Account settings with time zone highlighted

When you select your account time zone, make sure it is correct, because you can’t change it later. (The only alternative to changing your time zone is to create a new account and import your campaigns.) Time zone does not affect billing. All billing documents are based on Pacific Time.

What does the account time zone impact?

The account time zone affects the Campaigns page date range, the default time zone for your reports, and the default time zone for new campaigns.

Date range

The date range you select in the upper-right corner of the Campaigns page is based on the account time zone.

Campaigns page with date range highlighted


The account time zone is also the time zone selected when you create a report. You can change the report time zone if you want to scope your data differently and the change only applies to that report.

Reports page showing time zone


Lastly, the account time zone is selected when you create a new campaign. You can set a different time zone for each campaign but since the date range is based on the account time zone, we don't recommend doing this.

Campaign settings showing time zone

Time zones only impact data and don't affect the locations where your ad may show. To learn more, see How can I get my ads in front of my customers?

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