What is UET and how can it help me?

What is UET and how can it help me?

Learn about UET and how it allows Bing Ads to collect actions people take, either on websites or apps. Then you can use this information to track conversions (like purchases or leads) or target audiences with remarketing lists (target ads to audiences).

Universal Event Tracking (UET) is the key that unlocks powerful Bing Ads features such as conversion tracking, remarketing, audience targeting, and automated bidding bid strategies. The key comes in the form of the UET tag, which records what customers do on your website and sends that information to Bing Ads. UET is a prerequisite for conversion tracking, remarketing in paid search, and automated bidding bid strategies.

Universal Event Tracking (UET) enables or enhances many key Bing Ads features

Conversion tracking

  • Online goals
  • Opportunities
  • Engagement goals

Automated bidding

  • Maximize conversions
  • Target CPA
  • Enhanced CPC

Enhanced performance

  • Ad performance
  • Better broad matching
  • Partner network

Sounds great! How do I set up UET?

Here you go:


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