Why track custom events

Why track custom events

Find out the benefit of tracking a custom event conversion goal.

Why custom events exist: When you add the UET tag tracking code to your website, it makes a call to Bing Ads every time a user visits that page. You can then define conversion goals to record visits to particular webpages (thankyou.html for example) as conversions. However, you might have webpages that drive more than one type of conversion. For example, you may allow people to both subscribe to a newsletter and download a white paper on the same webpage. In such case, it is insufficient to just know that someone visited that webpage if the goal is to track the subscriptions and white paper downloads as separate conversions. That is where custom events come in. Another example would be that you have "click out" from your site to other seller's pages or websites that you refer traffic to. Since you don't have permissions to implement tags on those sites, you can track how many times you send a customer to another site via custom events.

How custom events work: The JavaScript version of the UET tag tracking code allows you to report custom actions that people take on your webpages. Then you create a conversion goal and select the event goal type to count custom events as conversions. As with other goal types, Bing Ads matches the definition of the custom event type goal with the custom events reported by UET to count conversions.

Now, let's look at the two steps:

Step 1: Reporting custom events using UET: There are 4 parameters that advertisers can report when logging custom events.

  • Event category: The category of the event you want to track. For example, 'video
  • Event action: The type of user interaction you want to track. For example, 'play' or 'pause'
  • Event label: The name of the element that caused the action. For example, 'trailer' or 'behindthescenes'
  • Event value: A numerical value associated with that event. For example, the length of the video played
    The event value can be any value from 0 to 9999999 with 3 decimal fields.

To learn more, see How to report custom events with UET

Step 2: Creating custom event type goals: When creating custom event type goals, you must specify the values for one or more of the parameters. Bing Ads will match these values with the custom events being logged via UET to count them as conversions.

Custom event

Some examples below:

  • Track when people click the button to subscribe to a newsletter
  • Track when product pages are loaded on a website that uses iframes so the destination URLs are all the same
  • Track when any product videos are played for more than 30 seconds

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