Troubleshooting feed file issues

Troubleshooting feed file issues

Take a look at the some of the most common errors you may see when creating a Bing Merchant Center store and see what you can do to remedy the issue.

With Bing Merchant Center, you can create a catalog that includes images and other information about your products so that your products can display on Bing. Learn more about how to create a Bing Merchant Center store and what a Bing Merchant Center catalog is.

When creating a Bing Merchant Center store and trying to upload feed file, what do you do when you get an error message? Before you contact support, take a look at some of the most common errors you may see below – this may help save you some time and a phone call!

What happened? What does it mean
and how do I fix it?
The offer expiration date is in the past. Make sure the expiration date hasn’t passed yet and update the offer expiration to a valid date.
The image is still being processed due to a crawler congestion problem. In order for us to be able to access your images, we need to crawl your site. When there is a large volume of images that need to be crawled, this can cause a delay.
Offer is currently under review. The review process can take up to 3 business days. If the offer still appears as being under review after 3 business days, contact support.
The availability field only accepts in stock as the value. Check to make sure the availability status is set to “in stock.”
The product URL field should use a URL that begins with HTTP or HTTPS. No IP addresses. Check to make sure that the product URL begins with an HTTP or HTTPS and is not an IP address.
The offer is a duplicate based on the merchant product ID field. Duplicate offers within the same account are not allowed and this offer contains the same merchant product ID as another existing offer. Update the product ID for your new offer.
The product URL should be a sub-path of the store’s domain. The product URL should include the sub-path of your store’s domain (e.g.,
We couldn’t download the image because we couldn’t find the HTTP page. Make sure your image URL is correct and working.
The price field accepts a minimum value of 0.00 and maximum value of 10,000,000. Make sure your price is within the range of 0.00 and 10,000,000.
The offer can’t have adult content. We do not allow adult content.
We couldn’t download the image because the URL timed out. The server took too long returning the page. You can update the default time-out setting of your server or provide another URL for the image.
The condition field only accepts new, used, and refurbished as values. Make sure the product condition is set to new, used, or refurbished. Any other value is not allowed.
Too many words in brand. There can only be a maximum of 10 words in the brand field.
HTTP 4xx, HTTP 5xx errors Check the product URL begins with an HTTP or HTTPS only and that the domain of the product URL matches the domain of your landing page URL.
Product crawl issues: Cannot access because the server’s robots.txt doesn’t allow access You’ve added a robots.txt file to your server, not allowing for crawl access. Configure the robots.txt file to allow Bing to crawl your site.
Product crawl issues: Invalid URL The URL is invalid and we couldn't access it. Update the URL accordingly.
Product crawl issues: Page requires authentication. Bing is unable to access your site due to an authentication protocol.
Product crawl issues: Redirect URL too long The redirect URL was invalid and we couldn’t access it.
Images aren't displaying: Items were recently submitted. The review process can take up to three business days. Check again after a few days.
Images aren't displaying: Images are not in the required format. Images must be bmp, gif, exif, jpg, png, or tiff.
Images aren't displaying: Image URLs are not working Check the URL and update accordingly. The URL must be HTTP or HTTPS only.
Images aren't displaying: Image doesn't meet the size requirements. The minimum image size is 220px by 220px and cannot exceed 3.9MB.
The feed file I'm trying to upload from Google isn't working. Check to make sure the file you’re trying to upload is either a CSV or TSV file. Here's how to generate a downloadable link in Google Docs.
  1. Open your feed file in Google Docs.
  2. Click File and select Publish to the web.
  3. Click on Web page and select either Comma-separated values (.csv) or Tab-separated values (.tsv).
  4. Click Publish.
  5. Copy the generated link and use the link as your automatic download URL in your Bing Merchant Center catalog.
The item with zero price is missing required information in the title or contains an invalid product_category. For mobile devices or tablets, the price can be 0, as the subsidized price with a contract is allowed. For additional details, check out the price field in the feed file help article.
We were unable to map your file to one of the catalogs in the store We couldn’t match the feed file name with the file name that is registered with us. Please make sure the name of the feed file exactly matches the file name registered with the catalog. If you are submitting a compressed file, make sure the uncompressed feed file name matches the file name registered with the catalog.
{X} offers from {Aggregator} were blocked You have selected to prevent aggregators from including your product offers in their catalog. As a result, Bing Ads will attempt to prevent aggregators from including your product offers. Aggregators consolidate product offers from multiple, often unrelated, businesses. By not selecting this feature, aggregators can include your catalog in their ads.

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