About in-market audiences

About in-market audiences

Learn how to use in-market audiences to increase conversions and improve bids and targeting.

Not everyone has this feature yet and is available only in the US. If you don’t, don’t worry - it’s coming soon! If you'd like to participate, contact your Bing Ads account representative for more information.

In-market audiences are curated lists of customers who have shown purchase intent signals within a particular category, including searches and clicks on Bing and page views on Microsoft services. Bing Ads supplies the curated list of potential customers, unlike remarketing in paid search, where the advertiser creates the list. You can target and modify bids for these audiences by associating in-market audience lists to ad groups, similar to what you do with remarketing lists.

Why use in-market audiences?

Increase conversions. Reach curated audiences that are more likely to convert in your category.

Improve bids and targeting. Set up your ad group to be exclusive to an audience with an in-market audience or available to everyone, but with a bid adjustment for your targeted audience.

Simple set-up. In-market audiences are simple to set up and don’t require UET tags.

How do I select in-market audiences?expando image
  1. From the Campaigns page, click on the Audiences tab.
  2. Select the ad group you want to associate with one or more audiences.
  3. Under Ad group targeting, select In-market audiences.
  4. Select the in-market audience you want to associate with the ad group. Note: You can view the estimated number of customers included in each audience under the list size.
  5. Select your targeting settings.
  6. Click Save.
How do I manage existing in-market audiences?expando image
  1. From the Campaigns page, click on the Ad groups tab.
  2. Select the existing audience associations you want to edit from the grid.
  3. Click Edit to Pause, Delete, Exclude, or Change the bid adjustment.
How do I set up bulk associations of in-market audiences?expando image
  1. From the Campaigns page, click on the Ad groups tab.
  2. Select the ad groups you want to associate with audiences from the grid.
  3. Click Edit and then Associate with audiences.
  4. Update the Ad group targeting and Ad group exclusions details for the selected ad groups.
  5. Click Save.
What in-market audience categories are available?expando image
  • Apparel/Clothing
  • Finance/Credit & Lending
  • Finance/Credit & Lending/Credit Card
  • Finance/Credit & Lending/Loans
  • Finance/Insurance/Health insurance
  • Hobbies & Leisure/Toys & Games
  • Home & Garden/Home Decor & Interior Decorating
  • Internet & Telecom/Telephony
  • Occasions & Gifts/Gifts
  • Travel & Tourism/Accommodations
  • Travel & Tourism/Accommodations/Hotels, Motels, & Resorts
  • Travel & Tourism/Air Travel
  • Vehicles/Motor Vehicles/Cars & Trucks
  • Vehicles/Motor Vehicles/Used Motor Vehicles
FAQsexpando image

What type of customer is most appropriate for in-market audiences?
If you have customers in one of the 14 available in-market audience categories listed above, you should use this feature to reach more potential customers.

Who shouldn't use in-market audiences?
If you don’t have customers in one of the available in-market audience categories listed, you shouldn’t use this feature, as you’d be extending your reach to the wrong audience.

Are additional in-market audiences going to be released?
Yes. Additional in-market audiences will be released soon and Bing Ads will continue to evaluate additional in-market audiences.

Can I use this with Bing Shopping Campaigns?
While in-market audiences are not specifically optimized for Bing Shopping campaigns, you can associate in-market audiences to shopping campaigns’ ad groups and monitor performances.

Can I use in-market audiences in my campaigns that run across all device types?
Yes. In-market audiences can be associated to ad groups for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Are exclusions allowed for in-market audiences?
Yes. Exclusions can be used for in-market audiences and all audience targeting offerings.

Does enhanced CPC (auto-bidding) work with in-market audiences?
Yes. Enhanced CPC works with in-market audiences.

How should I use in-market audiences with remarketing?
Use in-market audiences with remarketing to reach even more potential customers. Remarketing focuses on customers who have previously interacted with your website, while in-market audiences helps to acquire new customers and grow your remarketing lists.

How should I evaluate in-market audience performance?
We recommend you run one campaign with no audience targeting and run the same campaign with in-market audiences associated. This will help you understand how audience targeting can help to optimize your campaign performance.

What are the scale limitations?

Number of associations Limits
Number of associations 20,000,000 per account
Number of associations that can be created in bulk Refer to limits in bulk upload
Number of associations that can be viewed, edited, or deleted by Bing Ads Refer to limits in bulk upload

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