Ads by Bing

Ads by Bing

Learn how Bing Ads can make and run ads for you automatically.

This feature is available only in the United States, and not everyone has it yet. If you don't, don't worry — it's coming soon!

Ads by Bing is a pilot program designed to improve campaign performance by automatically creating variations of your existing ads.

How it works

Once you agree to participate in this pilot program, we will start creating new ads for your campaign. Bing Ads will create these ads based on your existing ads and your landing page using machine learning and help from Bing Ads experts.

We will add the new ads right into your ad groups and send you an email letting you know that we did so. All of these new ads will have the label "Ads by Bing". You can filter on this label to see all of your Ads by Bing and pause, delete, or edit them. Learn more about using labels

Since these will be brand-new ads, we recommend monitoring them for at least two weeks to see how they perform before pausing, deleting, or editing them. To help you evaluate the relative performance of these new ads, we will set your ad group's ad rotation setting to Rotate ads more evenly.

Participation in this pilot program

Not all advertisers have been invited at this time. If you want to participate — or if you later want to opt out — please email


Any ads or content created by Bing Ads as part of this program will remain your "Content" as defined by your Microsoft Bing Ads Agreement.

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