What are my options for audiences?

What are my options for audiences?

Learn about what audiences are available and on which network their ads are shown.

Audiences are groups of potential customers that you can target. Bing Ads offers several different types of audiences you can use to get your ads in front of the right people.

Audience type What is it? Where does it show ads? Is UET required?
Search network Microsoft Audience Network*
Remarketing lists

Remarketing lists let you target your ads to people who have visited or interacted with your website before.

Yes Yes Yes
In-market audiences

In-market audiences are curated lists of customers who have shown purchase intent signals within a particular category.

Yes Yes No
Custom audiences

Custom audiences are lists of customers that are generated using your own customer data.

Yes Yes No
Product audiences

Product audiences are lists of customers who have interacted with specific product IDs in your Bing Merchant Center catalog feed.

(Through Bing Shopping Campaigns)
Yes Yes

*Not everyone has this feature yet. Learn more about the Microsoft Audience Network


For more information on UET, take a look at What is UET and how can it help me?

What are the scale limitations of audience associations?

Case Limits
Total number of associations 20,000,000 targeting associations per account

1,000 in-market audience exclusions per account

Associations that can be created in bulk Refer to limits in bulk upload
Associations that can be viewed, edited, or deleted by Bing Ads Refer to limits in bulk upload

What if a customer is in more than one audience? Am I charged for multiple bid adjustments?

No, you will only be charged once.

A customer could either be:

  • In multiple audiences within the same audience type (for example, remarketing list A and remarketing list B), or
  • In multiple audiences across different audience types (for example, remarketing list A and in-market audience C).

When this happens, only the audience with the highest bid adjustment is attributed. Bid adjustments are not combined, and you are only charged once. If the bid adjustments are the same for all applicable audiences, one audience is chosen for attribution by the system and you are charged once.

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