What are Product Ratings?

What are Product Ratings?

Display ratings from customers' sites and trusted third parties on your product ads with Product Ratings.

Display ratings from customers’ sites and trusted third parties on your product ads with Product Ratings. Product Ratings are an Automated Extension type available for your Bing Shopping Campaigns, playing an important role in customers’ purchase decisions.

To make things easier for you, if you sell products on your website that has reviews from BazaarVoice, you don’t need to submit a separate Product Review feed file. All you need to do is provide the accurate product identifiers (GTIN, Brand, and MPN) and your product ads will automatically display the BazaarVoice rating.

Benefits of Product Ratings

  • Increased traffic volume. Adding Product Ratings to your product ads can increase ad engagement and potential click-through rate.
  • More informed customers. Product Ratings are displayed before a customer clicks on an ad, providing more information upfront.
  • Improved market share. Additional details on your ads can encourage customers to click on yours over your competitors' ads.

Availability: United States, English only

Devices: Desktop and tablet

Automated Product Ratings requirementsexpando image
  • Provide the following product identifiers: GTIN, Brand, and MPN
  • The product must have at least 1 review to display.
Feed requirementsexpando image
  • When submitting via FTP:
    • Product Review feeds include all of your inventory for all of your stores. You submit the feed on a daily basis.
    • Product Review update feeds are only used for new reviews that weren't provided in the most recent full feed upload or any subsequent incremental rating feeds.
  • Feed files must be an existing Google-formatted .xml file.
  • Name of file must start with ProductReviews or ProductReviewsupdate (for example, ProductReviews.Contoso.xml).
  • The maximum feed file size is 1 GB.
  • If you're using ratings from BazaarVoice, you do not have to upload a separate feed for your product ratings. You must, however, still provide the accurate product identifiers (GTIN, Brand, and MPN).
Upload feed file via FTPexpando image
  1. Click on the store name and then the Catalog management tab in Bing Merchant Center.
  2. Click the catalog name you wish to edit.
  3. Click the Catalog settings tab.
  4. Under Catalog feed file, click Upload file using FTP.
  5. Enter the File name. Do not include the file extension (for example, "bingmerchant").
  6. Click Save.
  7. If necessary, click change FTP account and update your FTP user name and password. Your user name must be 6 - 64 characters and cannot include any special characters. Use only a - z, A- Z, and 0 - 9. You can now upload the file of specified file name via the FTP tool of your choice.

FTP server requirements

The recommended FTP upload mechanism is via an FTP program. It is, however, possible to do so via the command line or custom scripts (such as Python’s ftplib.FTP module). The FileZilla FTP client is recommended for all platforms.

  • Host: ftps://feeds.adcenter.microsoft.com
  • Username: Your store’s FTP user name. Your user name must be 6 - 64 characters and cannot include any special characters. Use only a - z, A- Z, and 0 - 9.
  • Password: Your store’s FTP password
  • Transfer Mode: Passive

Learn more about FTP upload.

What you need to knowexpando image
  • If your website sells unique products we may not have ratings for through BazaarVoice, we recommend that you upload your own product review data.
  • Product identifiers for product offers must be included in the catalog feed file. GTIN is the most important attribute but Brand and MPN are also recommended.
  • For product ratings to display, the product must have at least 1 review.
  • Clicking on the review count will take customers to another page with more details about review sources. You are not charged for clicks on the review count.
  • We recommend that you uplaod your own product review data for unique products your site offers.

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