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When blocked ads still appear

Filters are designed to block unwanted ads from appearing. You may be trying to block ads from a competitor, or ads with content you find objectionable for other reasons. Occasionally, you may set up your filters to block content that still appears on your webpages.

When this happens, the most likely culprit is the number of entities you have chosen to block. There are limites to how many keywords and urls you can block in each filter. If you enter more keywords or urls than the limits allow, the system will block as many as it can, but it will not be able to block all of them.

Troubleshooting unblocked ads
  1. Log in to Publisher.
  2. Under Setup, click Ad units, and in the list of ad units displayed in the table, click any ad unit with a yellow exclamation point icon next to it.
  3. Click Create and use custom channels and note which channel is associated with this ad unit.
  4. Under Setup, click Channels, click the channel you're troubleshooting, and note the filters associated with this channel.
  5. Under Setup, click Competitive ad filters, and, in the list, click the filter you're troubleshooting.
  6. Under Blocked competitors and Blocked keywords, make sure the number of entries does not exceed the maximum posted in the UI.
  7. If you have more than one filter associated with the channel, make sure that the sum total of all keywords and URLs does not exceed 200.
  8. Reduce the number of total keywords and URLs you want to block, and re-save the filter(s), channel(s), and ad units(s).
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Note: The features available in pubCenter are based on your user role and permissions. Some features, ad unit options, and reporting choices are only available to some users.

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